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Harrison Musembi
2 months ago

Uplifting music 24-7 💯. I recommend this Channel. Feature more called to serve Ministries please. Barikiwa sana Maduhu🙏🏾

Segere Thomas
3 months ago

Good music , barikiwa.

Gideon Kasozi
4 months ago

Errrrrrroooooooooooo....I love u guys!

Melyn Oo
4 months ago

I am blessed with the Music from all over the world. Thank you for making us feel home away from home

The lightness acapella
4 months ago

We are blessed all the way from Tanzania

The lightness acapella
4 months ago

Be blessed

Eliyah mishamo
5 months ago

Kazi nzuri kaka

Gideon Kasozi
5 months ago

Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat music. Keep it up!